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OES provide on-site training that will be tailored to meet the needs of your business

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Is the current economic climate creating new opportunities for your business or new challenges?

  • Do you feel you are constantly trying to do more with less?
  • Do you spend too much time fire-fighting day to day problems?
  • Could you just use a few extra hours in the day?

You know your business but we can show you a different way of working that will free up the time you need to deliver the best quality services or products at the lowest possible cost. We will help you to unlock the potential in your team, to come up with improvements that will make your business more responsive to the needs of your customers.


  • Free initial consultation visit to your site.
  • Highly skilled consultants with real-life experience of implementing change in the workplace.
  • A fresh eye on the issues that stop you achieving your business goals.
  • Highly interactive training in the skills that will improve your business.
  • High quality training materials and templates.
  • Step by step guidance and support, working alongside you and your staff.
  • Coaching to unlock the potential of your staff to solve problems in the workplace.
  • Advice on how to make the changes stick
  • Measurable benefits for your business


Lean Advisor, Central Government Department

Since working with OES, our Lean team has more credibility and confidence to challenge the organisational ‘norms’.

Lean Advisor, Central Government Department

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Adele Law – Director

“Lean changed the way I look at everything at home as well as at work, and  has rekindled a lifelong passion for learning”. 


Robert Moffat – Director

“What excites me about Lean is that light bulb moment when we turn a sceptic into a Lean thinker and they apply what they have learned to get real results”.